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Call for papers for a 'distributed conference' scheduled to run over the fall and winter of 2021-2022
Power, Royal Agency, and Elite Women in the Hellenistic and Roman World
The Waterloo Institute for Hellenistic Studies
Co-organizers: Sheila Ager (Waterloo, Canada), Monica D’Agostini (Milan, Italy), Timothy Howe (St. Olaf, USA), Alex McAuley (Cardiff, UK).
We invite abstracts of 150-250 words, to be sent to praewhellenisticgmailcom. The deadline for abstracts is 1 June 2021.
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Call for Papers for the ‘Queer and the Classical: Critical Futures, Critical Feelings’ conference, running online out of Oxford on 20-21 February 2021
(Marcus Bell, Eleonora Colli, and Nicolette D’Angelo)
1.The project website is now live! Head to to check out recordings from our 2020 seminar series, ‘Queer and the Classical: Futures and Potentialities’, and to find out more details about our upcoming conference here

2.The deadline for submission for the ‘Critical Futures, Critical Feelings’ conference has now been extended to 24 January 2021. (NB: we have some budget to offer bursaries for artists, independent researchers, unfunded students, caretakers, and people affected by COVID-19 who wish to present as part of this conference. Please indicate in your submission email if this applies to/could benefit you.)
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Conference Women disrupting the Patriarchy, 18-10 september 2020, at the Institute of Classical Studies in London – Call for papers
The study of women in the ancient world has garnered academic interest and public fascination since the feminist movement of the 60s and 70s. Seminal works by Sarah B. Pomeroy, Suzanne Dixon, Judith P. Hallett and Susan Treggiari, to name just a few, have highlighted the abundance of resources in the ancient world that can be used to shed light on the various roles that women played in these societies. This inaugural Women in Antiquity Conference Series, hosted by the Institute of Classical Studies in London, would like to continue this current trend by focussing on ‘Female agency: Women disrupting the patriarchy’.
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Abstracts of no more than 350 words are sought by all levels of academic researchers, as well as PhD students. Papers presented will be 30 minutes, followed by 5-10 minutes of questions. Three paper panels, with a common focus adhering to the conference theme, are also encouraged.
Please submit abstracts by no later than February 28, 2020 to womeninantiquitygmailcom
A website for the conference series will follow shortly, but in the meantime, please get current information on Twitter (@AntiquityWomen) and Facebook (@WomeninAntiquityconference).
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Call for Affiliations between EuGeStA and the Women’s Classical Caucus
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