Project Nota_France

The “Projet Nota_France” is the French branch of “Project Nota” created and led by Sophia He and Laura Petersen ( This branch is driven by Séverine Clément Tarantino and Océane Puche who also set the Lupercal up in France and created a Lupercal chapter in Lille. The international Project Nota is in its roots bound to the Lupercal, that Skye Shirley founded.

The Project Nota aims at sheding light upon (notare means « bring attention to ») texts written in Latin by women that have been disregarded and put aside by tradition. Concretely, the Project Nota has the purpose of giving access to those texts to everyone and offering lesson plans that make them immediately usable in class.

The first results of that work can be found on the Lupercal website and more precisely on the page entitled “Resources” :

In the future, texts and translations (in English, in French, in Spanish) will form a database that will enable anybody to read them as easily as Latin texts published in the most prestigious digital libraries – in which women Latin authors are bearly represented.

In November 2021, the Project Nota_France members launched a new project : editing and translating in French letters written by the humanist Laura Cereta (1469-1499), which hasn’t been done yet – that’s why she isn’t well known in France.  The members meet up once a month on-line.

If you want to get more information on that project or even take part to it, you can write oceane.puchegmailcom and