About Eugesta

EuGeStA is an international network which brings together European researchers working from the perspectives developed in Gender Studies in different disciplinary fields of Antiquity : literature, philosophy, history, history of art, history of religion, law, medicine, economics, archaeology…

The institutional members of EuGeStA are the universities of

Basel (Lead: Henriette Harich), Bern (Lead:Thomas Späth), Exeter (Lead: Rebecca Langlands), Fribourg (Lead: Véronique Dasen), Lille (lead: Jacqueline Fabre-Serris and Florence Klein), Manchester (Lead: Alison Sharrock), Munich (Lead: Therese Fuhrer), the Open University (Lead : James Robson), Paris 1 (Lead: Violaine Sebillotte-Cuchet), Toronto (Lead: Alison Keith), Turin (Lead: Federica Bessone) and UCLA (Lead: Giulia Sissa).

There are two kinds of activities undertaken :

  • the organisation of seminars rotating between the partner universities of the network
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  • the maintenance of a website which is concerned to promote contacts and exchanges between researchers and students.


How about

  • Who’s That Girl?- Portraits of Hetairai between Hellenistic and Imperial Ages",
    Conference organized by Effrosyni Tsakou and Roberto Di-Tuccio at the University of Duhram, June 20 and 21, 2024
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  • The next EuGeStA network symposium, organized by Florence Gherchanoc, will take place in early 2026.


  • G. Gilles, K. Frank, C. Plastow, L. Webb (eds) 2024, Female Agency in the Ancient Mediterranen World, Women in Ancient Cultures,Liverpool.
  • V. Moro, Il teatro della polis. Filosofia dell'agonismo tragico, Pisa: ETS, 2024.
  • Brill, S. and Mc. Keen, C. (2024) The Routledge Handbook of Women and Ancient Greek Philosophy, London.
  • Boulègue, L. (forthcoming), Equicola, Mario, De mulieribus/Des femmes, intr. et éd. L. Boulègue, trad. L. Boulègue et L. Claire, notes L. Boulègue, M. Brouillet, N. Catellani, L. Claire, A. Duru, A. Lamy, Paris, Les Belles Lettres (coll. « Les Classiques de l’humanisme »).
  • Lucinda Dirven, Martijn Icks, Sofie Remijsen, The public lives of ancient women (500 BCE-650 CE). Mnemosyne supplements. History and archaeology of classical antiquity, 468. Leiden; Boston: Brill, 2023.
  • Emily Hemelrijk, Women and Society in the Ancient World, Cambridge, July 2023, new paperback edition.
  • Cornwell A. and G. Woolf (2023) Gendering Roman Imperialism, Brill, Leiden.
  • Pope, M. (2023) Lucretius and the End of Masculinity, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.
  • Racette-Campbell, M. (2023) The Crisis of Masculinity in the Age of Augustus, Wisconsin studies in classics, Madison.

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Call for papers

  • Call for papers Female voices in a public context: authorial articulation and mimetic representation in ancient Greek literature
    Organizers: Giambattista D’Alessio, Luigi Battezzato, Cristina Pepe
    Place: University of Naples Federico II - Dates: June 24-26, 2025
    Proposals for 20-minute presentations in English, to be followed by 10-minute discussion, should be submitted to the Organizing Secretary (convegnofemalevoicesgmailcom) in the form of an anonymous abstract (max. 300 words, *.pdf file), with a brief bibliography, not longer than 10 items, by 30 October 2024. We will inform all applicants of our decision by 20 December 2024.
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  • On 17-18 October 2024, Edith Hall (Durham University) and Vayos Liapis (Open University of Cyprus) will be convening a fully online conference on Euripides’ Phoenician Women, prompted by the summer 2024 production of the Cyprus Theatre Organisation and directed by Magdalena Zira, which has been timed to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Turkish invasion of Cyprus.
    Abstracts are invited of 300 words addressing any dimension of the tragedy, including both its aesthetic, social, moral political aspects within the original context of its production and its subsequent performance and reception history.
    It is intended to publish an edited collection of essays based on the conference papers.
    PhD students and Early Career Researchers are warmly encouraged to submit. Please send abstracts to edith.halldurham.acuk by 1st August 2024. Responses and invitations will be sent out on 1st September 2024.

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